Health Protocol


Hygiene and safety are at the heart of our concerns for our customers as well as for our employees.

In the context of the current health crisis, we have put in place special measures to reinforce our health and safety rules.


In accordance with the Government's instructions, the measures adopted by AJM Touring and all its teams on board the vehicles during and between transfers are as follows

  • Wearing a mask: mandatory for drivers and customers, masks will be available to our customers on board each vehicle.
  • No passenger will be allowed to ride next to the driver (except for vehicles with 3 seats in the front, one passenger will be allowed to sit on the window side. The middle seat must remain vacant)
  • Disinfection of the hands: a hydroalcoholic gel and gloves will be provided to the customers inside the vehicle.
  • Disinfectant wipes will also be available in the vehicles
  • Cleaning protocol: Our vehicles are prepared inside and outside to welcome you at best. In this period of Covid-19, we reinforce our protocol and disinfect each vehicle before and after the passage of each customer:
  • Cleaning of the windows.
  • Disinfection of seats, armrests, knobs, and handles (use of a bactericidal spray).
  • Complete interior and exterior cleaning of all our vehicles once a day.
  • Systematic ventilation of the passenger compartment


AJM TOURING invites its customers and employees to scrupulously respect these measures. The responsibility of each one is called during this health crisis.
AJM Touring is still active for your urgent and imperative travels, especially for long distances due to the reduction of rail and air transport.
Rest assured that we do our best to guarantee our customers the highest level of safety on board our vehicles.

In addition, and as a reminder, in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities and the Government, we invite our customers and employees to respect simple gestures to preserve their health and that of their entourage:

  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a disposable tissue
  • Use single-use tissues and dispose of them in a trash can
  • Greeting without shaking hands, avoiding hugs
  • Avoid gatherings, limit travel and contact.